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Welcome to the institute. Though you don’t remember it, you are already a member of one of the most prestigious organizations throughout the multiverse. But first, I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is, you and nearly everyone else in the Nexus have been killed.

The good news is, your souls have been collected and held in storage until we can restore you to life.

Right now a select few of you have been taken from stasis and placed into temporary vessels to help us rebuild the Nexus, restore the Institute, discover who or what attacked us and why, prevent future attacks, and with any luck discover who you were along the way.

These are not easy tasks, but as more progress is made in restoring the Nexus we’ll be able to bring more souls out of stasis and the number of allies you have will grow. Likewise the number of worlds you can explore will increase, as well as the resources at your disposal.

Good luck out there, and if things ever look bleak, remember you’re one of the lucky few who have survived death once already.

Home Page

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